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badasswithcurry whispered : Hi, I've been using your Aigi and Gyeong theme, but whenever I try to scroll down it spazzes out, then goes back to normal. I've tried refreshing and even reseting everyting but nothing seems to work. :[

What do you mean by spazzing out? If the posts “spazz” (how do you even spell that lol) it probably means you’re scrolling down too fast, since the posts come out from the top. Refreshing and waiting a while is a good idea, try scrolling a little slower ?

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Anonymous whispered : Hey. About the music player, (Aigi Theme), how do I put it on a corner? How do I center the music player in it?

You can follow other music player tutorials instead of using the one i put on the theme ^^

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Anonymous whispered : for the aigi theme, is it possible to position the hover description to the center of the sidebar image and not from the top?

You can, just move the margin-top property in #desc.

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xingxun whispered : Hi! I was wondering on how to change the the font and size for the title in the Aigi theme. And if possible, how would you add a bottom title right beneath it? Please, & thank you~

For the title, please change the things in #taetiso ~

And i do not help with adding things on my themes, please read everything on the ask page before asking a question.

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imperialallure-deactivated20130 whispered : On the aigi theme, the translucent hover bar on the "sidebar image" is kinda pointless to me (and i have no idea what's it for), and I was just wondering where the code is so i can delete it?

Do you mean the description? A bar just shows up when there is no description. And you can just delete this code:

<div id=”desc”>{Description}</div>

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Anonymous whispered : I have a question about your Aigi theme. Um, for image opacity, is it possible to make it do the opposite? So when you hover over the post, it fades out?

Yes ^^ just change the .posteu img’s opacity to 1, and .posteu img:hover’s opacity to .7 ^^

you can lower the number ~

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rochielle whispered : hi there! i'm using your theme#17 aigi and i was just wondering how can i make the navigation text and the credit link text on the bottom right (i tweaked the credit link to that if that's alright) as the tinytots text like in the description box? please and thank you! c:

You can just change the font family to tinytots ^^

and that’s alright, as long as its visible :3

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sica-day whispered : hi hi is it possible to view the description in the Aigi theme without hovering on to it? thanks ^^

Yes ~ You can delete this:

#side:hover #desc {
    -webkit-transition: all 0.8s ease-out;
-moz-transition: all 0.8s ease-out;
transition: all 0.8s ease-out;

and delete this in #desc :


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pauthelefty whispered : Hi i'm currently your aigi theme. Really love it! Thing is, I use photosets to post multiple pictures in my blog and all of them are high res. When I click on the individual picture to view, it would always look warped to a smaller width. I think it's the whole 500px, 400px, 300px that's the problem. Is there a way to fix this?

Its because when you click on the individual pictures, it won’t be wider than your screen.

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Anonymous whispered : Sorry the question sounded a bit confusing. ^^;; To elaborate, on the Aigi theme, in the strip where there is the "index, message, history, and theme" buttons, the link for the message button leads to the (.)tumblr(.)com/ask page. Instead of linking to that ask page, is it possible to link to the customized ask page I made instead?

Yes. Just change /ask to your custom ask page.

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Anonymous whispered : First, I'd like to say how beautiful your themes are and how talented I think you are >_<~ I am using your Aigi theme atm and I was just wondering if there's a way to change the gray circles in the main navi to a different color/shape? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm such a noob T^T

Thank you so much ~

And to change the color, its in the appearance options. For the shape, you can only change it to circular or square.

For it to remain circular, leave it as it is. To make it square, remove this in .nav :


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gorgeousweetamazingbaby whispered : Hi.. im using your aigi theme. i followed your tutorial from FAQ page to include captions in photosets. and it works! however, i have tried to coordinate the font from text to body to make them the same just like in the FAQ (in this case, i want it to be lucida console) , but even after saving, it won't change. So, the font from text post and captions is still different.. please help...

You can change the fonts in .text, body, .posteu, .jjong (if there is one in this theme) to lucida console.

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ouj-i whispered : I just wanted to say that I love love love your Aigi theme, but I've noticed that my posts get cut off on non wide-screens :S Is there any way to make the theme automatically adjust to different screen sizes?

No, not really. Unless you change the pxs into percents. 

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hero-ofheart-deactivated2012081 whispered : on theme #17, when i click on a post, my side picture on the bottom gets bigger with no image opacity. how do i fix this?

I only enabled image opacity and maximum width of pics for the index page.

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Anonymous whispered : Hello. I just want to say your themes look so beautiful. If it's possible, may I know which fonts you used for the titles of these themes: gyeong, peach and aigi? Also what font did you use for your ramyeons icon? Thank you.

Thank you so much ^^ and hello ~ And here you go ^^

  • Gyeong: Sign Handwriting
  • Peach: Belta
  • Aigi: Open Sans
  • Ramyeons Icon: Sketch Block (?)
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