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Hello and welcome to Ramyeons ~ This is a place where i post free themes and where you can find helpful tutorials and resources.
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Anonymous whispered : will you be making a storenvy theme? or maybe a tutorial? thanks!

I approached storenvy themes very informally, I haven’t learned how to make it customizable for everyone yet, and I don’t think I’ll be making a tutorial for it anytime soon :/ 

If i ever decide to make a storenvy theme, it will of course be published for free, public use ~

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youmake-life-worth-living whispered : How do you make your asks say "whispered" instead of "said"?

Scroll down to your theme code and find the Ask block, then replace “said” with whatever you like :3

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bubzbrndn whispered : do you know how to get the dashboard themes?

You’d have to install Stylish, go to userstyles.org, choose your dash theme and click install! ~

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I’ve reached maximum bandwith for the little icons in the theme, since I have a free account on Photobucket for easier uploading and access. 

I’m moving changing all the URLs for the little icons right now so this problem won’t occur again, since this time i’ll be using an anonymous photo host. This might take a while, since most of my themes have these little icons. I’ll make a post when I finish, and when that post is published please re-install the theme you are using if you do have this problem!

Thank you everyone for telling me, I’m working on them right now ^-^

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k-eopi whispered : Hii~ I have a question about using your macadamia theme. My links look as if it's from a Word or Pages document. Like it looks blue. When I try to change the color of it, nothing changes. And I was wondering, are you able to add pixel font to this theme? Thank you for making wonderful themes btw ^^;;

Try removing the codes In your description, that seems to be the problem ~ 

Please check the resources for custom fonts. 

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How to put an image in your background
Just put this after <body>

<img src='IMAGE URL HERE' style='position:fixed;bottom:0px;left:0px;z-index:-999'/>

Then for the postion, you can change :
bottom:0px; for top:0px;
left:0px; for right:0px;


How to put an image in your background

Just put this after <body>

<img src='IMAGE URL HERE' style='position:fixed;bottom:0px;left:0px;z-index:-999'/>

Then for the postion, you can change :

  • bottom:0px; for top:0px;
  • left:0px; for right:0px;
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Gyapo has an amazing step-by-step tutorial on how to make the Billy music player. This is the player I use on my main blog, and the one I get the most asks on. Once you finish all 3 steps (4 is optional), you can paste the code in the “Music Player Code” box in the Appearance section for my themes.

Start off with Part 1: Uploading and MP3

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taeminuet-deactivated20130820 whispered : Hi Hello :D I hope this isn't too troublesome but I have nowhere else to ask this question :// I have got a theme from totallylayouts which made nearly all of the options under 'appearance' dissapear. At first I thought it didnt matter, but now I've found your wonderfull themes and after trying to change it it became obvious that the options aren't coming back D: Is there anything I can do? It's ok if you don't know though,and thanks in advance :)

If you have installed copied my theme code, pasted it, saved and refreshed the customizer (like the install guide instructs) and the Appearance options still don’t come up, then you can try re-setting the theme with Tumblr’s default. Try that, save and refresh on the customizer and on your blog. 

If re-setting to the default theme still doesn’t work, then sadly I’m not sure what to do since this is the furthest I can go to help, considering I do not own totallylayouts and I don’t know their theme codes :c

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Anonymous whispered : Where can I find your main blog? :3

Here you go! ~

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ishimonitor whispered : Hi! I have your theme "Seoli" installed and was wondering how to add more links than the five already provided into the sidebar. Also, how do you add links into the description that link to pages outside of your blog? I'm trying to link it to someone else's Tumblr, but it's not working. Thanks in advance!

Please check the FAQ before asking any questions! ^-^

And for the links, it’s simple;

<a href=”LINK HERE”>NAME</a>

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ichigo-u whispered : Hi there~! I was just wondering what's the name of your theme in your main blog? :3

I haven’t released it yet, most themes I have on my main blog aren’t released right away ^-^

For this one though, I am releasing it sometime this week ~~

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daniellepajarillo whispered : Hello there ! I'm a big fan of your themes :D I was just wondering where do you make them ? and can you please give me some tips in making a theme ? :D I really want to try making one so I won't be bored this summer. thank you xx

Hello ~ and thank you so much :3

I make them right here on tumblr, I simply create a new sideblog and use the HTML customizer ~ 

Some tips hmm:

  1. Be original!
  2. Don’t stress it, the theme is your creation so take your time.
  3. You can look at other theme maker’s themes for inspiration, but don’t be ‘too inspired’ ^^
  4. If you find something wrong, don’t immediately go to the first theme maker you think of and ask for help, try and figure it out yourself. Inspect the codes, look out for mistakes. This will help you in your HTML/CSS knowledge and realize your mistakes so next time it won’t happen again ~ If you REALLY can’t find anything, go on google. Google is everyones best friend.

It’s better to try and figure it out yourself rather than ask first, since it makes your brain think ^^

Good luck!

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Anonymous whispered : hello again! this is the anon who had troubles with the infinite scroll on your seoli theme ^^ i got the infinite scroll to work, but when i scroll down, my autoplay starts over and replays again whenever it loads the next set of posts, and so it keeps overlapping, if that makes sense. not only that, but when i scroll down my customize and dashboard options disappear, do you know any way to fix it? :(

Hello~ All these problems is just because of improper loading/internet connection, if you wait for the computer to sort of ‘fix itself’ and refresh the page again later, it should be fine. The dashboard etc. buttons are the same also, I would occasionally have the same problem but if you just refresh the page its back!

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irresisdaeble whispered : Hi! I am currently using your Seoli Theme and I love it, thank you for sharing it. But I have this problem, I can't change my avatar but when I check my dashboard it is already changed and when I click my tumblr, it didn't change. What should I do? :(

The icon you’re talking about is the one on your blog, and that’s a favicon. It takes a while for favicons to change, so just wait a while ^-^

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floptart whispered : So I was wondering where I could find the html code for your theme? The one you use on this blog ^o^

I don’t publish my theme blog themes, I’m sorry :c

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