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suesylvesters whispered : Hi, I am using your yooracolor theme, how do I remove the index and history links?

I don’t help with theme customizations, i’m sorry :c

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samueljacksonjihad whispered : Hey there, for your theme Yoora V.2 is there a way I could change the font to arial?

yes ~ just change anything thats in between font-family: and ; to arial ^^

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chespiin whispered : Hello! I'm using your Yoora Theme ver. 2 and I'm absolutely in love with it but is there anyway to change the font? You can't really read what I wrote in my description box and I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer in your FAQ TT^TT

Please change the font options in #desc.

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Anonymous whispered : Can you give me the link or the name of the background used for monochrome? I wanna use it as the background for gyeong.

Sure ~ here you go ^^

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Anonymous whispered : what font did you use for the Yoora Ver. 2 monochrome main posts? :)

Lucida Console ~

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Anonymous whispered : hi I have a problem with the yoora ver. 2 color :/ when I post a picture in a blockquote, the picture goes out of the post, like crosses the post size/line. aside from that, it's a really pretty theme. so I hope you can help me :) thanks in advance!

hello ~ and please go to the CSS and find img 

put this in between the { }


so if you have 400px posts, put 400px ^^

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Anonymous whispered : Hi! so I have your voora vers 2 theme and I love it! but there's something wrong with my posted youtube videos. On the main navigation page, it looks fine, but after clicking on the "posted with _____ notes," it shows up as two video players. I'm not sure if I accidentally changed a setting or something but please help with any advice or suggestions. thanks! :D

Hello ~ and thank you ^^

I just checked the coding, and i might have found the problem. Please add this:


before {block:if500pxposts}{Video-500}{/block:if500pxposts}

and this


after {block:if250pxposts}{Video-250}{/block:if250pxposts}

If its not that, then maybe you checked off two post sizes ^^

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circashiailluminous-deactivated whispered : Hi there, I'm using your theme, the monochrome yoora ver.2, I was wondering if there is any way I could add a reblog button? And also the numbers appear in Japanese, can I change that somehow? Thanks in advance. Love all your themes by the way. <3

Hello ^^

For the numbers problem, please check the FAQ and clicking Yoora Ver.2.

For the reblog button, you can only add a reblog link. To do so, replace this:

<div id=”perm”><a href=”{Permalink}”>Posted with {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></div>

With this:

<div id=”perm”><a href=”{Permalink}”>Posted with {NoteCountWithLabel}</a> // <a href=”{ReblogURL}” target=”new”>Reblog</a></div>

Do that for every 

<div id=”perm”><a href=”{Permalink}”>Posted with {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></div>

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Anonymous whispered : Hello, I was wondering why my ask box for Yoora ver. 2 wasn't working, I did make sure my settings were set to "Let people ask questions." Please help? ^^

Uhm is the link in the coding set to /ask ?

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imsorry-imnotsorry-deactivated2 whispered : I'm currently using your theme #4 for a private blog and i was wondering if you could tell me how to take away the black block things that show up when i hover over a link. My link names are long and whenever i hover over them they go onto the posts section.

you can just move the posts, which you could do by going into the coding and changing the margin-left px of #posts to a higher number.

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sunnystawr whispered : Hello~ I looked through your FAQ and couldn't find the answer so I'm sorry if you've already answered my questions before. I'm using your Yoora Ver. 2 Theme. My first question is if theres a way I could get rid of the opacity option? As in no opacity at all leaving the picture with its normal colors. Second, when you go to reblog a post is there a way to center the detail parts? (The place that tells you the # of notes, date posted, tags etc.) Thank you in advance!

to get rid of the opacity option, move {block:ifimageopacity} right next to img, a img in the css and uncheck the image opacity option

and the permalink is already centered ^^

ce this:

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fortunat0 whispered : heii I'm using your themes,yoora color. I'm little confused about the numbers. the numbers appears with jappanese ._. can I change it? :D

sure ~ go to the css and delete this:

li, ul { list-style: hiragana; margin-left: 5px;

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pixelatedbukakke-deactivated201 whispered : Okay, so finished customizing it and every thing and at first i saw the option to change the size of the text, but now it's not there and the text is tinyyyy.

you want to make the text bigger ? and i see you are using yoora ver.2 so to make the text for the desc. bigger go to #desc in the css and change the font size. to change the font size of the posts and your whole blog, go to body and/or .text in the css and change the font size there.

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doriyaya whispered : Hi, I'm using your Yoora Ver.2 Color and I love it! But I was wondering how to change the small picture on the side?

hello ^^

and please look at the appearance options.

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woolatte whispered : hi there ~ I have the same problem as lilmsbigbrowneyes my 4 link is not working, it's a tagged page and not only a page, so when I type in the name of the link and the link url and save it, and go to my blog there is always /derkpyung. tumblr. /linkname and not the url. I don't know what is wrong with this link, at first it worked but now not really ;a;

i’ll try to fix it ^^

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